Friday, June 24, 2016


Da Nang has been creating flexible policies, good environments attracting foreign investors setting up company, building factory, and developing service business.

Da Nang is a social and economic center of central area of Vietnam with the role as the center of industry, trade and tourism and service.  It is a seaport city, an important transport hub for the transit of domestic and international transportation. Presently, Da Nang has been rising as a comprehensive and sustainability developing city.
With the advantages of geographical location, people and nature, the leader of Da Nang is planning to build the city becoming a major tourist center of the country, developing tourism industry with entertainment centers and luxury resorts in Vietnam.
In practice, Da Nang has been reducing administrative procedures, creating favorable conditions for investors in obtaining certificate for investment.  In the meantime, the city also supports investors understanding the information and maintaining direct dialogue mode with businesses leaders and managers in order to promptly assist any difficulties encountered by investors in the process of project implementation. Da Nang’s leaders are famous in being proactive in providing the latest information about the law in investment, especially information on the process of changing investment certificate… to facilitate the investment plan of the investors whom are investing in Da Nang.  For investment projects in infrastructure construction using ODA capital, the city has been quickly implemented the clearance and compensation in time to hand over the project site to the investors as planned.
To ensure the tourism environment and sustainable development, the city focuses on attracting projects in high technology industry, supporting industry and services with high added value i.e. information technology, education, healthcare and logistics…, especially favouring clean and quality projects rather than large projects but are likely to cause environmental issues.
Along with economic development, Da Nang also has activities and measures for environmental protection by investing in building projects to protect and improve the environment such as: modernization the sewer and wastewater treatment system (JICA), building east-west economic corridor (ADB)… to ensure sustainable and long term development of the economy.
An important element for economic development is the local security. Da Nang has done a great job in maintaining public security in order to guarantee investors a stable and safe political, social environment for investors.
It can be seen that Da Nang converges suitable elements and really is a promising land for investors both domestic and international, to invest in entertainment, real estate, tourism, IT, healthcare, education services.
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